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831) Supergirl #40: Crucible Part 5: Conclusion

Comet comes back to rescue Kara. They have a big wait and Kara and Comet end up destroying the clones. Everything is happy with Crucible. Kara returns to earth but this time she feels different. She feels human now.

That’s it for now. Convergence starts which I am not going to read. It’s not interesting enough for me.


830) Supergirl #39: Crucible Part 4

Kara lets Maxima take Kon to Crucible while she stays and tends to wounded Comet. Meanwhile Crucible is taken over by Krotus and Roho and when Kara comes back, she is captured and shown that they are making even more clones of Superboy.


829) Supergirl #38: Crucible Part 3

Kara and the gang follow Roho through the portal and they end up in a comic convention in earth. Soon Kara finds that Roho and his gang was expelled from Crucible. That makes her think about how much to trust the Crucible. There they find Superboy and Kara’s mate from the Crucible wants to take him with her but Kara defends Kon.


799) Supergirl #37: Crucible Part 2

A lot of things are happening in this issue. As you know, Kara is transported to a different galaxy altogether and it is called Crucible where she will get education about everything. They go through tests and everything.

The planets are having a civil war or something and a monkey guy called Tsavo (who is in Kara’s team) gets a call from his own planet that his mother and father have been hurt. So they travel there to find his mother dying and his evil brother is keeping his father hostage.


798) Supergirl #36: Crucible Part 1

Clark visits Kara in the coffee shop where she is working and he tells her that her life is at risk. On her way home, she gets abducted by these guys from an Academy called The Crucible and they want to train Kara because they think she is still weak in her powers.


726) Supergirl #35: Normal

Kara visits her bfs house when they are interrupted by Red Hood (Jason Todd). He asks for help about some illegal guns with illegal and powerful substance going around.

They set out to demolish this gang. During this, Kara discovers that Jason has abnormal power. He is more powerful but she couldn’t figure out why.


Kara Zor-El is Supergirl, sent from Krypton just before its destruction. She is proven to be one of the most powerful heroes on earth.

Supergirl is Superman’s Kryptonian cousin. She is also a white pawn in the Justice League chess set. Although still new to the planet Earth and still testing the full range of her amazing abilities, Supergirl has the potential to become the Man of Steel’s equal in every way. Kara wasn’t raised on Earth and her alien heritage has made it hard for her to adjust to her new homeland.


Also this will be the last item in this collection as I have decided to discontinue collecting these. It was fun collecting these.