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833) Superman Wonder Woman #17: Casualties Of War

Circe had Superman under her magic and she makes him fight Diana but Diana had given him her lasso so the magic didn’t work and Circe retreated. Wonder Woman and Superman took care if Magog. That’s it for now from this romantic couple.

832) Superman Wonder Woman #16: Vengeance So Dear

Circe had some deal with Diana’s mother years ago but she betrayed and now she wants revenge with Diana. She captures her and Superman and then uses Superman to attack Wonder Woman.

This was a really good issue to read. I like Wonder Woman overall. I think she has some good storylines.

788) Superman Wonder Woman #15: Dark Testament

Magog was actually a kid disturbed whose loved ones had been killed by Aliens which Superman and Wonder Woman fought but they couldn’t save everybody. So someone (A villian from Wonder Woman) does magic on the boy and turns him into Magog. Same Magog who is defeating Superman and Wonder Woman.

Well Wonder Woman shines in this issue as Superman saves the lives of people on the bridge and Diana tries to take Magog out but there’s further more surprises await. The lady Villian called Circe (or something) arrives with a shit load of alien animals.

787) Superman Wonder Woman #14: All That Burns

The new guy who came to help them, Wonderstar, is a bit of a mystery. But he shows his true self at the end. He is called Magog, some kind of a God and he is here to save the world from Superman and Wonder Woman. Nice issue.

786) Superman Wonder Woman #13: Battlefield Of Love

Clark and Diana have a date but there is some trouble at the Indian Power Plant. Looks like the purple Skull and some other weather freak are breaking into the power plant for something. Superman and Wonder Woman arrive at the scene but the twister of weather is so fierce, they are kept busy.

721) Superman Wonder Woman #12: Metaphormorphosis

This was a lovely issue. I’m growing a fan of Superman and Wonder Woman and their romance. Superman had just returned from the black hole and Diana greets him. He gives her a flower and says to feed it olive oil but she doesn’t and it grows into a big monster plant and goes crazy underneath going to Aberdeen for the oil rigs.

Superman has to take Alec’s (Swamp Thing) help to calm the creature down. Loved this issue.

629) Superman Wonder Woman #1: Power Couple

Nice bit of comic to read. The writing was good and the chemistry between these two heroes are great. Superman wants some personal time together with her as they are fighting all the time and stuff. They were on a mission in an ocean this time too. Nice comic.