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410) Batman : The Dark Knight #9: I Can No Longer Be Broken

The story is about the Talon who apparently killed Lincoln Marsh in the office just before Batman comes to save him. It was an OK story. A little bit more insight.

383) Batman : The Dark Knight #8: The Madness

Read 4/5/13

Really a stand alone story. People started killing each other in the subway and Batman goes to investigate and finds Mad Hatter has them all in mind control. Batman gets under his madness too but Gordon saves them.

Pretty average but next is the night of the owls issue. Yes.

382) Batman : The Dark Knight #7: The Final Curtain

Read 4/5/13

Flash survives the venom and comes to help Batman who is getting beat by Bane. Batman has the venom given by Poison Ivy in the headquarters to kill Bane. Remember Batman came here to rescue Ivy in the first place. Flash comes and with his help Batman forces the venom in Bane’s mouth and pushes him off the cliff.

Then we get to see The White Rabbit visit Jai and they talk and the rabbit touches Jai. Something happens and the rabbit disappears leaving only her glove in Jai’s hand. So Jai is the white rabbit, I think.

381) Batman : The Dark Knight #6: Run Rabbit Run

David Finch and Paul Jenkins

Read 4/5/13

Superman flies to tell Flash that Batman had it all wrong and his venom is actually regenerating because of running fast.

The white rabbit comes and Batman follows her to the outside of this headquarters where he gets punched by


yes Bane. And Bane is behind all this venom thing.

380) Batman : The Dark Knight #5: A Handful Of Dust

David Finch and Paul Jenkins

Read 4/5/13

This issue was amazing. A lot happens in this one. First of all Scarecrow fights with Batman and then he manages to inject Batman with the poison. This was unexpected for me but it happens and Batman becomes fearless and crazy.

Superman then arrives because in the last issue Wonder Woman said she could not help Batman out as she was busy. So Superman makes an entry and Batman warns him that he should go away because the venom is just kicking in but Superman stay and they both fight. At the end Superman ends up smashing Batman in the house.

I would rate this issue 8 out of 10.

379) Batman : The Dark Knight #4: Welcome To The Jungle

David Finch and Paul Jenkins

Read 4/5/13

Batman does not find Poison Ivy in her lab so he comes back to the cave and pinpoints her location and flies. During her flight he confronts a poisoned Deathstroke who tries to kill him and destroys his jet. Batman falls in some woods and enters an old cabin.

There he comes face to face with the scarecrow. Pretty interesting.

378) Batman : The Dark Knight #3: Catch Me If You Can

Read 4/5/13

The Joker is actually clay face who escapes. The White Rabbit is just going to inject Batman with the deadly Poison when Flash comes to rescue. Batman soon finds the poison leads to Poison Ivy so he goes for a search. While moving through the Jungle Flash gets a thorn on his finger and Batman tells him to run fast because he has got poison in his blood.

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