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Movie: The Shawshank Redemption


Let me get one thing clear, if you haven’t watched this movie, your life is incomplete. It is that good. A classic and a masterpiece. It is simply flawless.
Andy is sent to prison for the murder of his house but he never admitted to the murder because he never murdered her. He meets a guy named Red who is the narrator in this movie (and the story by Stephen King). Red is like the guy who can get everything for you in the prison so Andy asks for several things with a little pick axe being one of the things. Soon the staff at the jail began to see Andy’s intelligence (he was a banker before). Andy begins to help the officers with their finance, charity and insurance. He creates a network of dealing with illegal money for the Jailer.  But who knew he was creating a nobody from all that work and once he escaped, he would use that nobody to start a new life.

As I said, this movie is a classic and is flawless. It is violent at parts and emotional at others. Especially the scene where old Brooks goes away. I felt like crying and crying because it is superbly shot. The ending was great and satisfying. Morgan Freeman played Red very well.


Notice how I watched Gone Girl and The Shawshank Redemption back to back and notice how there is one theme in common. Both characters in the film take their time escaping from the current situation creating a nobody. It’s just a negative character in Gone Girl and positive in The Shawshank Redemption.