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609) The Superior Spider-Man #3: Everything You Know Is Wrong

We see something strange. That whatever Otto thinks, the ghost of Parker is there. If Otto thinks of his past, we see ghost Parker there.

In this issue we see Spider-Man fight Toomes (the Vulture) and he drops Toome from a height after zapping him and now Carlie (Peter’s ex gf) is suspicious of who actually Spider-Man is. 

608) The Superior Spider-Man #2: The Peter Principle

Peter Parker’s ghost is there and we get to read his thoughts too but Otto is unaware of this. He is Otto. There is no sign of Parker in there (or is there?). Otto takes a rather fast approach to MJ, dating her and taking every advantage of being Parker while we see Parker’s ghost desperately saying no no no.

The Vultures try to kidnap MJ but Otto is there saving her. This makes MJ come closer to Otto and Parker is left disappointed.

It’s good. I enjoyed it. Always been a silent fan of Spider-Man. I give this issue 7 out of 10.

607) The Superior Spider-Man #1: Hero or Menace?

Starting with Marvel Now in 2012, Otto Octavius has switched minds with Peter Parker who is dead I think. Otto saves himself by switching minds and now he is the Spider-Man.

But his way is a bit different. He nearly kills a bad guy from sinister six but someone stopped him. The ghost of Peter Parker it seems. It’s quite interesting. This is my first Spider-Man comic series ever.

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