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631) TMNT #13

The turtles are back after retreating and escaping from Shredder. Splinter is quite and a lot is going on his mind.

Casey comes in all beaten up by his father. After finding this out, Raphael (as he is close to Casey) storms out to avenge Casey. Master Splinter goes after him.

On the other hand, Shredder’s granddaughter tries to win her place by fighting but Shredder is not impressed.

Very nice coming back to my favourite comic.


560) TMNT The Secret History Of The Foot Clan #1 of 4

It tells you the story of the Foot Clan and how a guy betrayed a clan and all that. Didn’t really get the story but it was good.


426) T.M.N.T #12

Yes. The story ends with Splinter getting rescued safely. And Shredder gets defeated by the Turtles. General Krang goes back too for a while.

And I’m going back too to read something else.


425) T.M.N.T #11

The Turtles find a clue to the Foot Clan. Meanwhile Splinter kicks some ninja ass and defeats everyone and now he is face to face with Shredder. Bring it on.


424) T.M.N.T #10

Wow. I gave this 4.5 stars. Splinter rocks and finally he meets his ancient enemy. Meanwhile the Turtles gather in a house for rest and planning. Great issue.


423) T.M.N.T #9

Really good. The Turtles invade Stockgen where Splinter is strapped. They fight their way through to the room to find someone had taken Splinter and it turns out to be the Foot Clan and we get to see Master Shredder. Yes.


Old Hob manages to kidnap Splinter while Krang and Stockman wait for him. The Turtles finally manage to beat the mousers. Great action packed comic.


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