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962) Uncanny X-Men #600

Finally it is over. Bendis is saying goodbye to the X-Men. For me, the best thing he did was introduce new Mutants to the roster. Apart from that he did good work on Magik and Kitty and that’s about it.

This issue was yet another lets-wrap-this-fucking-thing-up-and-go-home thing. X-Men lashed out on Beast for bringing the Original X-Men from the past. What, they never lashed out on him for 35 issues and suddenly they are barking in his face. Meanwhile Cyclops gathers all the Mutants and gives a speech apologising and saying the revolution was actually unite and conquer not unite and attack. What bullocks, this is so anti climatic.

The best thing I enjoyed about Uncanny X-Men was the start of the run. Magik’s story and worst thing about it was, you know, Chris Bachalo.

945) Uncanny X-Men #487: The Extremists 1 of 5

A new story begins where Masque does something to Caliban and Warpath finds an injured Caliban on the grounds of the mansion. He takes him in and Beast is working on him. Meanwhile Caliban wants to find Magneto and revive the Brotherhood. This dude is evil.

944) Uncanny X-Men #486: The Rise And Fall Of The Shiar Chapter 12: Endings And Beginnings

Darwin saves Professor X from the Crystal and Lilandra leaves them safely at the ship. She teleports back to the battle leaving them safe behind and they get jumped to earth.

Meanwhile Polaris, Havok and the StarJammers are still in space and they will continue to resist Vulcan and Lady Death who they held off successfully. Corsair dies though. Sad but a good story comes to an end.

943) Uncanny X-Men #485: The Rise And Fall Of The Shiar Chapter 11: The End Of All That Is

Vulcan marries Lady Death and they were about to execute Professor X when the StarJammers came in and Dken prepares for war. Vulcan pushes Professor X in the crystal kind of thing annihilating him and Darwin jumps in too saving him. Then when the battle is happening, Vulcan kills Dken to everyone’s surprise and claims the Throne of Shiar Empire. What a twist of events. Loving it. 8/10.

942) Uncanny X-Men #484: The Rise And Fall Of The Shiar Chapter 10: In Exile

The X-Men and StarJammers celebrate the battle they won at Asteroid H-12. Even Polaris and Havok have a moment of kiss. Dken finds out about the Asteroid H-12 and he also knows about Lilandra’s escape.

941) Uncanny X-Men #483: The Rise And Fall Of The Shiar Chapter 9: Vulcan’s Descent

Very interesting issue and pure story driven. We see Vulcan’s character open up. It is not boring anymore as Deathbird and Vulcan escapes from the prison and arrive at the secret order where Dken is unconscious (initially Vulcan wanted revenge by killing Dken). Seeing Dken’s state, Vulcan uses his power to awaken him and Dken then asks him to marry his sister (Deathbird) and rule by him on his side.

940) Uncanny X-Men #482: The Rise And Fall Of The Shiar Chapter 8: Imperial Rescue

The StarJammers manage to get in the High Shiar ship where they rescue Lilandra but they can’t get the Professor yet.

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