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492) Uncanny X Men #10 vol. 2 (2012) 

I love how polite this Unit guy is. X Men try to destroy him but they can’t and once again Danger comes and captures Unit and keeps him captive on Utopia prison.
Unit requests to talk to Hope about Phoenix. Yes she’s coming back. Avengers vs X Men.

491) Uncanny X Men #9 vol. 2 (2012)

The SWORD space station gets attacked and this robot guy called Unit escapes. He has a weird power. Whatever he says to a person, they obey him and now Hope is alone with him, facing him. Interesting.

490) Uncanny X Men #8 vol. 2 (2012)

They finally come out of the dome and the Apex says that Bad Apex will eventually come.

489) Uncanny X Men #7 vol. 2 (2012)

The Good Apex and Bad Apex fight and Bad one retreats. For now X Men have won but Apex reveals if they don’t hurry up, every living thing in this dome will die.

488) Uncanny X Men #6 vol. 2 (2012) 

Cyclops drops down in a hole where a couple of people are tied up and this alien is trying to listen to what they say and then learn it. He frees Cyclops and takes him to the remaining X Men. He tells a story of his people and Apex and his friend (the big robot guy) and how he would do anything to restore things. Anything at all.

487) Uncanny X Men #5 vol. 2 (2012)

A large explosion happened in Montana and a huge dome appears in its place for 10 miles. The X Men are there looking for survivors but the environment is alien. So they split up and Magneto and Psy find a huge robot in the air.

486) Uncanny X Men #4 vol. 2 (2012) 

This was a nice read. It was about this Phalanx. How it nearly dies and how Sinister does experiments on him and everything. Then it becomes whole but unstable and attacks the town. The X Men fights and defeats it.

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