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962) Uncanny X-Men #600

Finally it is over. Bendis is saying goodbye to the X-Men. For me, the best thing he did was introduce new Mutants to the roster. Apart from that he did good work on Magik and Kitty and that’s about it.

This issue was yet another lets-wrap-this-fucking-thing-up-and-go-home thing. X-Men lashed out on Beast for bringing the Original X-Men from the past. What, they never lashed out on him for 35 issues and suddenly they are barking in his face. Meanwhile Cyclops gathers all the Mutants and gives a speech apologising and saying the revolution was actually unite and conquer not unite and attack. What bullocks, this is so anti climatic.

The best thing I enjoyed about Uncanny X-Men was the start of the run. Magik’s story and worst thing about it was, you know, Chris Bachalo.

961) Uncanny X-Men #35

The main focus of this issue was Fabio aka Goldballs and in general the new X-Men which I like and which I think Bendis has done well with it. I don’t agree with other things he done mainly the transformation of Cyclops to this revolutionary guy. I don’t like that. Anyway this volume has ended and next is Uncanny X-Men #600. I take it it is reverting back to Volume 1.

960) Uncanny X-Men #34

Alison aka Dazzler makes a deal with Maria Hill that she would capture Mystique if Hill wipes the records of the students clean. She agrees and Alison does manage to capture Mystique. The new team is now thinking about changing name from X-Men too. Oh, boy what is happening? And no, Alison’s new look is not growing on me.

959) Uncanny X-Men #33

Illyana and Kitty teleport somewhere to find a new mutant. She is called Bo, a little girl who can summon monsters. They bring her to the school and Storm takes her in. This issue was about the friendship between Kitty and Illyana, two of my favourite characters in X-Men. I loved this issue.

958) Uncanny X-Men #32

It’s like things have changed really drastically. Like one time Summers was like we will take back our Mutanthood and now he’s like I wanna give myself in to the authorities for killing Charles Xavier.

Looks like the writer is packing up and hurrying this story to the end. Bendis, is it?

957) Uncanny X-Men #31

Miss Eva Bell just went back in time and Professor X did something in the past of Mathew Malloy that nothing ever happen. Scott is alive and everyone is happy and there is a nice panel between Eva and Cyclops at the end. Should must read.

956) Uncanny X-Men #30

Mathew comes to the school and Emma tries to attack him. It is believed by SHIELD that Cyclops and Magik is dead. Eva, meantime, goes back in time to Professor X and tells him everything. He comes to the present day and To Me, My X-Men.

955) Uncanny X-Men #29

Magneto appears and talks to Matthew but Mathew sends him away too. Meanwhile Cyclops continues to put some sense into him and Magik comes with an amulet to check Mathew’s powers out but SHIELD attacks the area on full blast.

954) Uncanny X-Men #28

This is turning out to be quite good. Cyclops reassures Matthew that if he works with them, he will save lives instead of taking them. Matthew is a little out of control. He is nervous and paranoid. Magneto makes an entry at the end.

953) Uncanny X-Men #27

Rachel tries to create a scenario where Professor X tries to calm Matthew down but it backfires and Matthew destroys the SHIELD Hellicarrier with a wave of a hand and sends the X-Men back to the school. Cyclops has a plan and he tell Matthew that he is also a victim of Professor’s manipulative plans and that they should talk about this together.