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Hello guys and girls. How are you all doing? It was a mega busy week reading just only X-Men as I had a lot of catching up to do. Normally I read X-Men only and Batman but now I want to read more stuff. X-Factor and X-Force I haven’t touched at all (new series started recently anyway). But I will start them next time around when X-Men week comes. If you are a new reader then this is for you too if you want to start reading.

Well, I read Battle of the Atom story arc (celebrating 50 years of X-Men) as you know and it was just pure amazing. I loved it. Initially I wasn’t a fan of the idea of the Original X-Men coming from the past and I really though they would go back after Battle of the Atom event but nope, I guess they are here to stay. It sucks but really I like the idea that they moved to Uncanny group and got new costumes and they are doing their own stuff with Kitty as their mentor kinda.

X-Men vol 4 was a bit disappointing. I’m not a big Jubilee fan but the Areka story arc I would like give 6/10. I really like how Areka is still going on with the ghosts bit. That’s cool. That would make me read more.

Uncanny X-Men. Let me make it clear, if it wasn’t for Emma Frost I wouldn’t pick this title. Only reading it because of her. Don’t give a shit about Cyclops. Emma Frost is awesome plus Magik and all the new team members. Art is horrible. Dislike Bachalo art. Now I think Magneto is leaving too having his own title. Sucks.

Wolverine and the X-Men, we all love. Love how it got back to its craziness. It’s a very good title if you are sick of action and want something more relaxed. I would really recommend the Toad issue (#41 I think). Pure amazing. Makes me love Toad. I think I said that right lol (who loves Toad?)

And lastly (saved it for the best) you have the new series by Jason Aaron called Amazing X-Men. This is good quality stuff. First of all, we see our beloved Nightcrawler who is in heaven but then the X-Men get ported to heaven and hell and they have to beat Azazel. I would definitely tell you to start reading this. Such a lovely title.

So that’s my X-Men week finish and I am pretty much up to date with it. Next week I am gonna read the non X-Men Marvel stuff. Like Deadpool, Thor, probably start Hawkeye. I’ll start the ones which I have in my collection which I haven’t read. So I will see you all next Sunday. Bye.

599) Wolverine and the X-Men #41

This issue had it all. First of all it was about Toad and it goes out to all of you who talk shit about Toad and how he is on the cover of Empire magazine. OK that Toad is just weird.

We find out that he has been sacked from his Janitor services because he let the hellfire club kids in. His departure was so sad. Even Krakoa was crying lava.

The Hellfire club kids attack and Toad is there and he beat them up proving his worth but the school will never know who saved the day as Toad just goes away.

It was a little sad and the next issue is graduation. Yes, this series is coming to an end.

598) Wolverine and the X-Men #40

Pretty good issue. Wolverine and Cyclops end up drinking beer and they have a little talk. You know, express themselves. And yes, it was all verbal. Pretty good dialogue.

Meanwhile back at the school, the new brother and sister back off and they wanna leave after seeing how crazy the school. They leave after getting their memories erased.

597) Wolverine and the X-Men #39

Wolverine gets a tip to where the SHIELD Sentinels are. Cyclops get the same and they both meet there. They exchange bitter words and about to fight when the Sentinels attack and they got busy.

At the school, the new twins, who are undercover SHIELD agents, try to access the teacher’s office and control the school when the mutants spot them and a fight starts.

596) Wolverine and the X-Men #38

The Jean Grey school for higher learning is back to normal. SHIELD visits the school and Wolverine has some bitter words with Maria Hill about the secret Sentinels SHIELD is making.
Meanwhile new students (twins) come to school and they seem to be undercover spies for Agent Blaire (who is Mystique actually).

Pretty good issue. Very laid back and not much action. Very character driven and lovely to read. Loved it.

579) Wolverine and the X-Men #37

Battle of the Atom (Chapter 9 of 10)

Amazing issue. Cyclops and Wolverine decide to work together and defeat the future X-Men (Xavier and co). The Originals are obviously in custody of Xavier’s X-Men as they raid a military base. SHIELD detects this and issues a warning which good X-Men receives from the lab. Now they know the location and now it’s X-Men vs X-Men. They have a fight.

Then SHIELD comes with the big helicarrier thing and fires weapon on the huge gathering of X-Men and then to be continued.

Really enjoyed this issue. It seems like the ending of X-Men First Class movie where the missiles are fired. Let’s see what happens next in the last chapter.

575) Wolverine and the X-Men #36

Battle of the Atom (Chapter 5 of 10)

This was a good issue. I really enjoyed it. Past Jean, future Jean and present Emma (with the stepford sisters) are engaged in a psychic battle. Their bodies are standing still while they fight.

Wolverine makes an entry and the X-Men fight X-Men while the psychic battle is happening.

I really like how future Jean literally destroys Emma and her daughters then two Jeans fight. Future Jean wants Jean to go back to past but Jean won’t listen. Eventually past Jean breaks future Jean and enters future Jean’s mind to see the future and she is left gob smacked.

She changes her mind and now she is convinced that they truly have to go back home.

Meanwhile Magik is upto something else. She goes to the school where Hank and Bobby are and she takes them to the future when another set of future X-Men greets them. Pretty confusing but this is actually getting somewhere and I can see it.

499) Wolverine And The X Men #7: Mutatis Mutandis (Conclusion) It Ain’t Easy Being A Brood

Seriously this Broo guy is so cute and ugly. Apparently the big purple creature has come to kill him in the name of science because Broo was not a real Brood who are always bred evil. Just for that reason he is going to kill her.

Beast destroys the egg sac inside Kitty and she vomits everyone out.

Logan and Quire successfully exist the casino with half the money and Logan gets lasered by a worm which made his feet upside down.

Finally Broo lashes out angrily on the purple dude eating him and after they capture the purple dude, he smirks at Broo saying he’ll always be a violent Brood.
This was an amazing story arc. I loved it. 4 outta 5.

498) Wolverine And The X Men #6: Mutatis Mutandis, Always Bet On X

Beast, Rachel and some other students and inside Kitty’s pregnant body trying to kill evil Broods while some evil Broods attack the school under the command of this purple guy (who’s name haven’t revealed yet).

On the other hand, Wolverine And Quire go to the biggest casino in the galaxy to win money (through cheating mainly using Quire’s telepathic abilities). Soon the casino aliens get suspicious and a fight erupts there. The artist has been changed and it is good. Most of all this Brood storyline is awesome.

497) Wolverine And The X Men #5: ‘Mutatis Mutandis’ Congratulations It’s A Brood

They are mini Broods inside Kitty’s swollen tummy and they are eating her. Beast is trying his best to keep it under control. Meanwhile Logan and Quire travel to space.