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906) Wonder Woman #40: War Torn Ch 5

Diana and the rebels have a battle. The conclusion is coming near. Embrace yourselves.

905) Wonder Woman #39: War Torn Ch 4

The rebel continues and finally Diana confronts the rebel witch claiming that she is still the Queen.

794) Wonder Woman #38: War Torn Ch 3

Diana is busy with problems from both worlds on her hands. She is on a crucial mission with Justice League in the human world while the rebellion has risen in Amazon and they have brung forth a new Queen called Donna Troy. But we all know evil is brewing.

793) Wonder Woman #37: War Torn Ch 2

People of Amazon think that the Queen is neglecting her duties and she spends too much time in the human world. They want her in their world permanently and Diana can’t do that because she is a member of the Justice League.

Somewhere else an evil lady has a girl named Donna who is going to take the throne from Diana.

785) Wonder Woman #36: War Torn

New team and new story. This is a great jumping point for Wonder Woman. I really liked this issue as Diana struggles to keep her focus. She has a lot of issues bothering her at once for example, her mother and then the mission with Justice League and the fate of Paradise Island.

I liked the little fight between her and Swamp Thing and the emotional dialogue between her and Aqua Man.

4.5 outta 5.

Wonder Woman – White Queen (#34) plus a free Justice League chess board.

Princess Diana is Wonder Woman, the greatest warrior woman the Amazons have ever known and a powerful member of the Justice League.

As a member of proudly independent warrior tribe, Wonder Woman is no stranger to conflict. Like the White Queen that she represents in the Justice League chess set, she is strong and swift to action. She is courageous in defence of the weak and steadfast in opposition to the forces of evil.


With this issue we get a free Justice League chess board. It is a basic cardboard chess board. Nothing special but will do its job.