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935) X-Factor #20

Pietro was using Rictor as a siphon to increase his power levels but Layla comes in and exploits Pietro. Rictor turns against him. X-Factor battle out Pietro’s guys and Rictor blasts Pietro.

934) X-Factor #19

Quicksilver’s X-Cell fight with the X-Factor and Pietro tries to convince Rictor to stay and work with him. Going slow at the moment but I love the interaction between Siryn and Monet. I wouldn’t mind reading a love triangle relationship between them and Jamie.

933) X-Factor #18

Jamie’s dupes seem to still trouble him while Layla predicts a trap and plans ahead giving everyone tasks and it all executes rather well. The X-Cell will be revealed in the next issue and we will find out what Quicksilver is up to.

892) X-Factor #17

Jamie finds another dupe when he gets a call from Layla who asks for him to come back. He comes back to the mutant town to riots. There is security everywhere and Val Cooper wants Jamie to do one thing for him.

A new saga begins here. X-Cell.

891) X-Factor #16: No Dominion

Jamie goes out on a hunt for his missing dupes and he finds one living happily with his family in some quiet village. Jamie wants to absorb him but he wants to kill him because he thinks that he should have a life of his own. In the end, Jamie let go. Meanwhile Syrin and Monet have someone mysterious following them. They just took off from Paris.

889) X-Factor #14: Multiple Issues Part 1

X-Factor is in shambles. Everyone had problems. Jamie, most of all. As he tries to gather his shit together, he gets kidnapped by Hydra.

888)  X-Factor #13: Re X Aminations

All told from a shrink’s point of view as he interviewed the members of X-Factor, each and individual one. Every one has a story to tell. Monet finds out Jamie has been sleeping with her and Theresa. Nice issue though. We get a little insight from Quicksilver too. Interesting.

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