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932) X-Men #199: Condition Critical 3 of 3

Cable tries to fight Hectabomb but he is too weak for him. Instead Hecta separates the minds. Cable calls out for Rogue in the hospital and she comes and does her thing. She absorbs the minds of eight billion people within the Hectabomb. Iceman covers the explosion with his ice and everything is fine except Creed is missing and the ship is destroyed.

931) X-Men #198: Condition Critical 2 of 3

Hectabomb lands on earth looking for his babies. Iceman and Mystique and the group fight them while the Mummuradai mind melds with Cable wanting to reside in it to beat Hectabomb. Meanwhile Sabertooth has control over the X-Men ship locking them out on their own. Oh boy.

930) X-Men #197: Condition Critical 1 of 3

Rogue is being treated in the hospital while something bugs Mastermind and she goes to the doctor for a session of hypnosis and there she discovers a ln entity from Shiar coming into her breaking into the world. She goes into Mystique and wants Cable and the team that Hectabomb is coming. No idea who this Hectabomb is.

929) X-Men #196: Primary Infection 3 of 3

The guy injects Rogue with needles and pins but the X-Men arrive and try to kill him. He is strong until Sabertooth comes in and makes him into a normal human because of the virus cancelling out each other. Now Rogue is dying, contagious.

894) X-Men #195: Primary Infection 2 of 3

No Rogue in this issue but the X-Men are trying their hard to retrieve her but the foe is too strong. He is up against the most experienced X-Man there, Iceman. Meanwhile Cable is taking the ship to rescue Rogue.

Really dull story. I am not enjoying it at all. 5/10.

893) X-Men #194: Primary Infection 1 of 3

Don’t ask me. I have no idea what the hell is going on. All I know is the art ain’t from Bachalo. Rogue and her team travel to some place and they get welcomed by zombies who are diseased.

883) X-Men #189: Supernovas 2 of 6

There is a group who just broke into SHIELD and compromised their computers and they are onto the X-Men now. Rogue kept the secret about Creed’s captivity from Logan.

To be honest for part two it’s a dull story plus the art, yuck. I feel like skipping but don’t wanna because I might miss an important things.

882) X-Men #188: Supernovas 1 of 6

Shit start to a possible shit story arc. And the fact that Chris Bachalo has done the art, it makes it even more lifeless and shit.

Something to do with sabertooth coming to the institute. Just gonna have to read on.

863) X-Men #187: The Future (The Blood Of Apocalypse: Epilogue)

Polaris is getting better but Remy and Sunfire come to get her and they take her away to their place. As they struggle to cope with their identities, a new guy steps forward and he says that he needs then. Who’s this new guy? I have no idea.

862) X-Men #186: The Battle Of The East River (The Blood Of Apocalypse 5 of 5)

Two Sentinels from ONE come to fight with Apocalypse’s sphinx and in the end Apocalypse jumps through this machine which suppose to kill him but he survives and a God like voice speaks to him and tells him that they still have a use for him.