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Hello guys and girls. How are you all doing? It was a mega busy week reading just only X-Men as I had a lot of catching up to do. Normally I read X-Men only and Batman but now I want to read more stuff. X-Factor and X-Force I haven’t touched at all (new series started recently anyway). But I will start them next time around when X-Men week comes. If you are a new reader then this is for you too if you want to start reading.

Well, I read Battle of the Atom story arc (celebrating 50 years of X-Men) as you know and it was just pure amazing. I loved it. Initially I wasn’t a fan of the idea of the Original X-Men coming from the past and I really though they would go back after Battle of the Atom event but nope, I guess they are here to stay. It sucks but really I like the idea that they moved to Uncanny group and got new costumes and they are doing their own stuff with Kitty as their mentor kinda.

X-Men vol 4 was a bit disappointing. I’m not a big Jubilee fan but the Areka story arc I would like give 6/10. I really like how Areka is still going on with the ghosts bit. That’s cool. That would make me read more.

Uncanny X-Men. Let me make it clear, if it wasn’t for Emma Frost I wouldn’t pick this title. Only reading it because of her. Don’t give a shit about Cyclops. Emma Frost is awesome plus Magik and all the new team members. Art is horrible. Dislike Bachalo art. Now I think Magneto is leaving too having his own title. Sucks.

Wolverine and the X-Men, we all love. Love how it got back to its craziness. It’s a very good title if you are sick of action and want something more relaxed. I would really recommend the Toad issue (#41 I think). Pure amazing. Makes me love Toad. I think I said that right lol (who loves Toad?)

And lastly (saved it for the best) you have the new series by Jason Aaron called Amazing X-Men. This is good quality stuff. First of all, we see our beloved Nightcrawler who is in heaven but then the X-Men get ported to heaven and hell and they have to beat Azazel. I would definitely tell you to start reading this. Such a lovely title.

So that’s my X-Men week finish and I am pretty much up to date with it. Next week I am gonna read the non X-Men Marvel stuff. Like Deadpool, Thor, probably start Hawkeye. I’ll start the ones which I have in my collection which I haven’t read. So I will see you all next Sunday. Bye.

602) X-Men vol. 4 #11: Ghosts #2

Arkea revives Selene, the Black Queen as a ghost and Selene drops to her feet infront of Arkea calling her mistress. Ana aka Lady Deathstrike sees that Arkea is in control of everything, she feels used and tells Yuriko to kill her but Yuriko won’t so she puts a sword through herself.

Meanwhile X-Men fight Arkea controlled Sentinels and Jubilee is nowhere to be seen.

601) X-Men vol. 4 #10: Ghosts #1

Arkea is getting stronger and stronger now she is controlling a bunch of Sentinels under the sea and making them come out. A team of X-Men is there on the beach ready to attack.

Meanwhile Arkea wants to recruit two more deadly members and be even more powerful.

It was good especially the last bit about the Sentinels coming out was good.

600) X-Men vol. 4 #9

I don’t really like this Lady Deathstrike story arc. Now Areka is back and she is causing trouble. Lady Deathstrike is there and Areka is there and Monet is down. X-Men are desperate. There really need a male there. Sublime knows not to speak too much when women are at work lol.

591) X-Men vol. 4 #8

Lady Deathstrike steals the Areka files from the school and she is doing her own thing. Didn’t much enjoy this issue. Waiting for action.

590) X-Men vol. 4 #7

A new story arc begins in this one. A six part story. Lady Deathstrike is back and she wants something from the Jean Grey school. She wants the Omega Sentinel but then she hacks the school computers again and finds something even more interesting. Areka.

I loved how this started. Loved the writing and the art. Quite juicy.

577) X-Men vol. 4 #6

Battle of the Atom (Chapter 7 of 10)

The X-Men from the future (Xavier lot) are exposed (thanks to Logan through Rachel) and it seems they are fake and have evil plans. They handcuff the three of five X-Men from the past and capture Storm and others. Betsy and Jubilee manage to escape.

Illyana transports the Uncanny X-Men and the X-Men from the future to a location near the school where they can assess the situation and take action.

573) X-Men vol. 4 #5

Battle of the Atom (Chapter 3 of 10)

Cyclops and Jean of the past are on the run because they don’t feel safe around the future X-Men and they don’t want to go back. The team follows them and confronts them but the ladies starts to fight (as usual, women) and which results Cyclops and Jean disappear again and now they head to Utopia where the team of Uncanny X-Men are waiting.

The story is amping up for sure.

570) X-Men vol. 4 #4

Storm and Rachel argue over the Karima sacrifice thing while at the same spot, in the air, Rogue, Psy and Kitty save a Boeing aeroplane from crashing.

Jubilee and Logan spend some quality time together.

Next is Battle of the Atom.

569) X-Men vol. 4 #3 – Primer (3 of 3)

Areka (inside Karima’s body) goes back to Budapest where she was landed the first time. There, she controls the patients in the hospital. X-Men again hesitate to kill Areka as it might also kill Karima. They look for some kind of sign for Karima and finally she shows some sign asking ‘she can end Areka and should she sacrifice herself?’ She ends Areka. Jubilee and the baby is happy.
Kitty has to destroy the power servers of the danger room because it is getting out of control.

Liked how this ended. How there is still mystery involved especially the baby.